Commercial Debt Collection

Most businesses will be faced by customers who do not pay on time and, under some circumstances, may have to contact a commercial debt collection agency to recover the debt. B2B debts are covered under late payment legislation, so you can get back 100% of your money owed for free. Commercial debt recovery has never been simpler.

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Commercial (Business to Business) Debt

There’s usually a reason why businesses that are supplied with goods or services do not pay on time. It could be because they are in financial difficulty, or because they are using credit to fund their own business, meaning they’re taking on extra staff and investing in new equipment while avoiding paying their creditors.

In either case, there is a high risk that late payers will become bad debtors if the situation is not managed effectively and quickly.

Why should your business and cash flow suffer because of another business’s poor administration or financial problems?

Why should money that is rightfully yours be used to fund someone else’s business, when it could be used to grow your own business?

Commercial debt collection can help you recover the money you’re rightfully owed, without costing you a penny, through late payment legislation.

Commercial Debt Recovery Solutions

The Government has recognised the burden that late payment and bad debt places on business, so they introduced the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Act to combat the problem with commercial debt recovery solutions.

Late Payment Legislation

late payment legislation

This legislation is highly significant for creditors as it allows them to claim the reasonable costs back of using a third party, such as Advocate, in collecting commercial debts. Advocate is a UK debt recovery agency that works with B2B businesses in recovering debt.

Commercial debt recovery is a challenging situation for any business; it’s stressful, time-consuming, and usually ends in frustration with the debtor simply ignoring all requests for payment and giving one excuse after another.

Advocate offers an alternative to this situation, with a professional, effective, and cost-free commercial debt recovery solution.

We understand the pressures of the commercial debt recovery process and use our extensive knowledge and experience to achieve outstanding results.

    • Our service is completely risk-free and in the unlikely event that we are unable to successfully recover the money you are owed, there is no charge whatsoever.
    • There are no hidden charges to our service, and no upfront fees or subscriptions.
    • We recover 84% of debts placed with us without recourse to legal action.
    • We will recover any commercial debt of more than £750.00.
    • We represent and work with businesses of all sizes from sole proprietors to multinationals.
    • We recover commercial debt in the UK and worldwide.

Recover your debt

Looking to recover your commercial debt?

To successfully recover commercial debt, it is vital to take decisive action quickly.

If a debtor cannot or will not pay you, there will be other creditors they cannot or will not pay.

Contact Advocate today on 0117 403 1785 and put yourself at the front of the queue for recovering your commercial debt or instruct us online in minutes.

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Latest Recoveries

  • April 14, 2021

    Advocate’s free debt collection agency secures payment of £18,100.97 in 7 days from a West Midlands Local Authority on behalf of a Birmingham based Care Staffing Agency.

  • April 12, 2021

    £3,502.98 recovered from a Telford based Electrical Contractor and paid to a Wolverhampton based Electrical Supplies Company 4 days after we commenced action.

  • April 9, 2021

    £5,508.13 recovered from a Coventry based UPVC Window Instalation Company and paid to a Nuneaton based Scaffolding Company just 3 days after we commenced action.

  • April 8, 2021

    Our client a London based LED Lighting Instalation Company received a free debt collection service following the recovery of £31,980.10 in 5 days from a Cambridge based Car Dealership.

  • April 8, 2021

    Advocate’s business debt recovery service results in £9,654.18 being recovered from a Taunton based Hotel and paid to a Bridgewater based Commercial Cleaning Company 6 days followining our instruction

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