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Advocate recovers commercial debts on behalf of clients throughout the UK. Our Bristol HQ takes overflow from the two regional offices in addition to covering the Southwest, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. In the City of London, our Old Bailey team cover London and the Southeast. In Birmingham, the Queensway team cover Midlands, North and East.

Birmingham is Brilliant!

Birmingham is England’s unofficial second city showcased as one of the UK’s powerhouses for trade and industry. If the Midlands were a country, Birmingham would be to it what Edinburgh is to Scotland, Cardiff to Wales and Belfast to Northern Ireland.

The Industrial Revolution saw Birmingham crowned the world’s first manufacturing town before gaining City status in 1889. Science, technology and innovation is at the heart of our city. They don’t refer to it as the city of a thousand trades for nothing! Some cities have mottos based on pretentious Latin, whereas Birmingham’s is simply ‘Forward’. Advocate shares that mantra to push forward recovering debts to the benefit of creditors just like you.

The Birmingham Blitz of World War II saw the city seize an opportunity to build back better and regenerate. Post-war immigration from Commonwealth Nations enhanced Birmingham’s economic and cultural development before it stammered in the 1970s ahead of the recession in the 1980s. In modern times over 80% of jobs are in the service sector, with Birmingham having the largest concentration of major firms and start-ups outside of London. Our city is known for Edgbaston Stadium, Jaguar Cars, National Express, Cadbury, Birmingham Royal Ballet, host of the 2022 Commonwealth Games and, of course, Advocate!

Our Queensway offices are nestled in the heart of Birmingham city centre. We are a stone’s throw from the famous Colmore Row, St Philips Cathedral and Birmingham County Court. Our part of the city is known for being home to Allianz, Zurich Insurance, AECOM, Amey, Lendlease and Advocate too!

Championing Birmingham Businesses  

There is much more to us than Balti and bacon cakes! Our Queensway team has a client base dominated by five of Birmingham’s most exciting sectors.

Manufacturing: whether it is invoices for thousands of micro components destined for a stalling production line, or a boutique jeweller trying to recover payment for a bespoke piece from a high-end retailer, we are the debt collection agency for it all.

Construction: although one of the smaller sectors in a city dominated by services, a disproportionately large number of construction industry clients stem from the surrounding areas.

Distribution/Transport: independent logistics companies are on the front line of keeping the wheels of commerce moving. From city to suburbs and beyond, our debt recoveries have refuelled clients running on fumes.

Business Services: Advocate’s debt collection is a vital business service to many other firms in the sector. Our clients are B2B service providers in consultancy, architectural design, advertising, accounting, information technology, and recruitment.

Public Sector: in recent times, the public sector has been Birmingham’s biggest employer. Health, education, social, civil service, intelligence, and infrastructure, to name but a few. Thousands of people are employed by local or central authorities to provide services benefiting the great British public. Our clients are small or medium size businesses struggling to recover payment after supplying a public sector organisation. Advocate’s fees are applied in accordance with government legislation and recovered from public sector organisations who have failed to meet The Prompt Payment Code mandated by their government bosses!

Other Sectors: just because your business is not included within the sectors above does not mean we can’t help. Even if you are in a niche industry, urban agriculture, environmental protection, wholesale, non-profit, or something completely different, we can still apply the urgency of court action to recover payment. Advocate is not just another debt collector; we are Birmingham’s premier-free debt recovery practice.

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