You haven’t been paid – should you take legal action or instruct a debt collection agency?

Debt Collection

Sooner or later, every business is faced with the dilemma of a customer who refuses to pay and who ignores all efforts to make settlement. If yours is a fairly new business it may be the first time you have experienced the problem of late payment and have had to consider debt recovery action, even

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Council use of debt collection agencies continues to rise

Council use of debt collection agencies continues to rise

Research conducted by Money Advice Trust the debt charity has highlighted the increasing use of debt collection agencies by councils. In England and Wales combined local authorities instructed debt collectors to chase payment of parking debts, council tax, overpayment of benefits and business rates a staggering 2.2 million times in 2014, with that figure expected

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Latest figures released by the Insolvency Service

Latest figures released by the Insolvency Service | Advocate

  Some interesting statistics have recently been released by the Insolvency Service including figures which show that for the first time women are more likely than men to become insolvent. 2014 sees a further decline in the number of individual insolvencies The latest report published by the service includes insolvencies during 2014 in England and

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Taking a debtor to Court – who pays the costs

Taking a debtor to Court – who pays the costs | Advocate

The legal fees involved in taking Court action against a debtor include: The Court fee A solicitors’ claim issue fee Solicitors’ fees for advising you and represent your case in Court Fees paid to Expert witnesses’ for attending Court and giving evidence or supply expert reports How do the Courts apportion costs? Small claims If

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The history of debt collection

The history of debt collection | Advocate

  The necessity to collect debt existed long before currency, even before money was invented, the bartering of goods or services in return for other goods or services often led to the creation of debt as one of the parties failed to deliver their goods or services as agreed. Ancient debt slavery The earliest recording

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Start-ups urged to consider the problem of late payment

Start-ups urged to consider the problem of late payment

The culture of late payment is effecting and even threatening the survival of many UK businesses.  Having to wait beyond terms for payment is damaging the integrity of UK industries and undermining the future prospects of small businesses. Late payment creates a chain reaction that reaches businesses in all sectors and of all sizes. Start-ups need

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Find out which business sectors and which areas of the UK pay late

New data released by Experian reveals that businesses in the UK settled their overdue invoices on average 1 day faster than in the previous tax year. Overall North West based companies and food retailing businesses posted the most improved payment performance figures. Nationally the average days past terms (DPT) companies took to pay invoices fell

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$83 Million awarded to a US woman following an illegal debt collection case

Maria Mejia from the state of Missouri in the United States has recently been awarded a world record $83 Million Dollars. The award follows an illegal attempt by US debt collection agency Portfolio Recovery to recover a credit card debt of $1,000 that did not belong to Mrs Mejia. A Kansas City jury found the

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The UK Top 10 excuses for late payment

stop making excuses

With UK businesses currently waiting to receive over £42 billion in late payment of invoices for the supply of goods and services, we thought it would be interesting to look at the most common excuses used by debtors to try and explain why they have failed to pay on time. If you work in a

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Historic Football Club Wound-up with almost 1000 Creditors

hereford united logo

A lower league football club famous for its FA Cup giant killing exploits has been wound up at London High Court. Established in 1924, Hereford United had played at either non-league or lower league level continuously for 90 years. The Company behind the club will now be liquidated following the Court’s refusal to accept a

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Latest Recoveries

  • January 14, 2021

    Advocate’s free debt collection agency secures payment of £15,882.63 in 7 days from a Borough of London Local Authority on behalf of a Croydon based Care Staffing Agency.

  • January 12, 2021

    £3,298.14 recovered from a Gloucester based Hotel and paid to a Cheltenham based Commercial Laundry just 3 days after we commenced action.

  • January 4, 2021

    £4,8000 recovered from a Bristol based Office Furniture Company and paid to a Bristol based Digital Marketing Agency just 3 days after we commenced action.

  • December 31, 2020

    Our client a Southampton based Industrial Door Installation Company received a free debt collection service following the recovery of £22,541.98 in 5 days from a Portmouth based Engineering Company.

  • December 29, 2020

    Advocate’s business debt recovery service results in £17,885.23 being recovered from a London based Retail Store and paid to a Colchester based LED Lighting Installation Company 6 days followining our instruction.

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