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Advocate recovers commercial debts on behalf of clients throughout the UK. Our Bristol HQ takes overflow from the two regional offices in addition to covering the Southwest, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. In the City of London, our Old Bailey team cover London and the Southeast. In Birmingham, the Queensway team cover Midlands, North and East.

London is Legendary!

Londinium, as the Romans called it, was founded nearly 2,000 years ago, covering half a square mile in what is now the Square Mile. Nine million people and six hundred square miles later, London is not just one of the world’s greatest cities; it is also one of the oldest and most important financial centres on the planet. The finance industry is London’s biggest sector by revenue. Side by side with modern industry, you will find the world’s oldest guild and trade associations.

Out of the Blitz, London was rebuilt. Post War immigration from Commonwealth nations spurned London to become one of the most culturally diverse and inclusive cities on the planet. Many an entrepreneur has risen from their spirited community onto the global stage. In our city, talent is more important for success than a silver spoon. History has always defined London’s past, just as its people define London’s present and future. London, amongst other things, is known for Wembley, Wimbledon, Westminster, Ally Pally, Buckingham Palace and, of course, Advocate!

Our Old Bailey offices are nestled in the city, surrounded by the 32 boroughs. We are a stone’s throw from the famous St Paul’s Cathedral, Barbican Centre, Smithfield Market, Thames, and The Old Bailey Central Criminal Court. Our part of the city is known for being home to Goldman Sachs, Amazon, London Stock Exchange, Sky, IMB and Advocate too!

Championing London Businesses

There is much more to us than jellied eels and black cabs! Our Old Bailey team has a client base dominated by five of London’s most exciting sectors.

Manufacturing: although the sector has contracted in recent times (Dagenham being downsized springs to mind), there are a surprising number of small independent manufacturing firms punching above their weight, providing stiff competition against conglomerates. Quick and effective debt collection can be the difference between our clients paying key suppliers or making payroll.

Construction: the redevelopment of an existing site in accordance with countless covenants is a speciality of London construction firms. Projects such as the 2012 Olympic Park and Westfield don’t go unnoticed.

Wholesale/Trade: it was once said London could trade its way out of anything. Business owners struggling to get paid in the supply chain are regularly on our radar. Advocate is the debt collection agency of choice from sole traders to distributors.

ICT: the information and communications technology sector in London is one of the most innovative found anywhere on the world stage. Our clients provide high-level support to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Administrative Support: our clients provide a service that is easy not to see. In fact, most debtors only appreciate their provider when service is withdrawn due to non-payment. Hiding in plain sight is a whole sector of independent and multi-national companies tending to all businesses, great and small.

Other Sectors: just because your business is not included within the sectors above does not mean we can’t help. Even if you are in a niche industry, urban agriculture, environmental protection, wholesale, non-profit, or something completely out of the box we can still apply the urgency of court action to recover payment. Advocate is not just another debt collector; we are London’s premium-free debt recovery firm.

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No matter what side of the river you are, inside or outside the M25, north in Enfield, south in Croydon, east in Barking and Dagenham or west in Hillingdon, please get in touch to see how Advocate can help you.

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