Free Commercial Debt Recovery and Debt Collection

black tick symbolThere is no cost to the creditor! You will not be asked to pay any charges or fees!

Advocate’s debt collection services are supplied completely free of charge to the creditor. The debtor pays our costs in accordance with Late Payment legislation.

black tick symbolReceive 100% of the money your business is owed within just a few days!

Over 80% of the debts we are instructed to recover are paid in full within 14 days, over 50% are paid in full with 7 days and many are paid after just a few days.

black tick symbolAll we need to get started is a copy of the unpaid invoices!

Simply download and complete an instruction form and return it to us with a copy of the invoices, or complete the form online and email us with the copy invoices:

Instruction Form Download Online Instruction Form

How does free debt collection work?

At Advocate, we believe it should not cost a single penny to recover payment for goods or services that have not been paid for on time, and the Government agrees with us! Late Payment legislation empowers us to provide a true no cost commercial debt recovery and debt collection solution to businesses of all sizes, in all sectors across the UK.

The whole team at Advocate always endeavour to recover and pay to our clients 100% of the outstanding debt they are owed, and in over 80% of cases we are successful in doing this, within 14 days and without recourse to legal action.

We add statutory Late Payment charges to the amount to be collected from the debtor to cover our costs. You receive every penny you are owed and a completely free business debt recovery and debt collection service. No charges, fees or commission are payable by the creditor.

If it’s not possible for us to recover a debt within 14 days, the client decides if we close our debt recovery file or issue legal proceedings on their behalf. If a client decides to close a file the services we have provided are completely free of charge.

We are not just another debt collector or debt collection agency, Advocate’s expert application of Late Payment legislation and cutting edge financial, investigative and tracing software combined with our vast experience, professionalism, persistence and free to the creditor service makes us truly unique within our industry.

Watch the video and find out how our free debt collection service works!

What are the benefits?

Whatever business you are in and whatever its size you have a statutory right to be paid, on time for the work you do. Getting paid should be straightforward, but sometimes it’s not and the time and effort spent on chasing customers who avoid paying their invoices costs your business money. By instructing Advocate your business saves time and money while taking advantage of our free business debt collection service.

The businesses we represent and work on behalf of benefit from:

  • Improved cash flow and profitability
  • No stressful and frustrating contact with debtors
  • Late paying customers being educated to pay on time
  • A completely free debt recovery and debt collection service
  • More time for their staff to concentrate on growing the business

Find out more about us, what we do and how we do it:

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Can we help you with free commercial debt recovery & debt collection?

Advocate’s free commercial debt recovery and debt collection services are available to any business that is owed over £750 by a business they have supplied. We have recovered and collected payment of unpaid invoices for over 6,000 businesses of all sizes, from self-employed contractors to FTSE 250 companies. We have collected debts ranging in value from £750 to over £1,500,000.

The late payment of invoices creates many problems, at the very least chasing late payers is frustrating and time consuming, it can even mean you are unable to pay your suppliers on time and threaten the working relationships you have endeavoured to build, and in some cases it can be critical, in the UK businesses cease to trade every week simply because they have not been paid and cannot meet their outgoings.

Despite the problems associated with late payment many businesses are understandably reluctant to use a traditional debt collection agency. There is still a stigma attached to the debt collection industry which tighter regulation has failed to dispel. Advocate offers an alternative, a service carried out in accordance with Government Late Payment legislation, the law is on our side and this is just one of the reasons for our successful recovery rate of 84%.

Advocate’s case managers have particular experience and knowledge in recovering accounts in the construction, consultancy, distribution, recruitment and wholesale sectors. Public authority debt recovery and small business debt collection is performed by dedicated case managers.

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Latest Recoveries

  • January 16, 2019

    £29,455 of overdue invoices collected and paid to a Bristol based Tyre Wholesaler in the last 14 days.

  • January 15, 2019

    Insolvency proceedings result in the successful debt collection of £19,240 for a Wigan based Engineering Company the day before the Winding up Petition was due to be issued in Court.

  • January 14, 2019

    4 month old debt of 7.6k collected and paid to a Taunton based Industrial Door Installation Company 6 days after Advocate receive the instruction.

  • January 11, 2019

    £1920 recovered and paid to a Coventry based IT Contractor following a successful cost free to the creditor debt collection in just 4 days.

  • January 10, 2019

    £10,480 and late payment charges of £618.17 recovered from a Borough of London Council following the late payment of care agency staff fees.


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