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We Collect Business Debts Free of Charge to the Creditor

Advocate Debt Collection specialises in collecting Business to Business debts throughout the UK using late payment legislation to collect our costs from the other side. Over 80% of cases are paid in full within 14 days and many after just a few days. To instruct us simply click the button below to submit the online instruction form and upload a copy of the invoices. If you have any questions or require further information, click on the contact us button.

Making Advocate Debt Collection Work for You

It’s okay saying Business to Business Debt Collection what does it mean? A Business is an individual or group of people undertaking commercial, industrial, or professional activities. As a rule of thumb to be a Business, you must raise invoices to customers. A Business includes the self-employed, sole trader, contractor, subcontractor, registered or unregistered partnership, limited, unlimited, public limited, small business, association, charity, club, community interest, industrial or provident society.

The legislation we use to collect our costs from the other side only relates to transactions between UK registered creditors and UK registered debtors. The UK is defined as England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We cover the whole of the UK.

If you and the debtor are both Businesses and you are both UK registered then we can collect payment of your unpaid invoices on a no-cost basis.

We collect debts from £750 to north of £1M. The level of diplomacy required does not just depend on the value, it also depends on the type of debtor and industry. We’re here to get you paid, not to destroy the relationship. It’s not unusual for debtors to resume trading with clients after Advocate has collected payment, albeit with a firm eye on keeping to agreed credit terms.

We Are Advocate. The FREE Business Debt Collection Service

Advocate was formed in 2014 less than a year after The Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2013 came into force. The regulations enable us to claim statutory late payment charges from the debtor as our fee so there is no cost to you, the creditor. Since then few firms have been brave enough to depend solely on successful collections for revenue. Most firms have an instruction fee, but Advocate has none. After all, why should we get paid if you don’t? Founded in the heart of Bristol we also have offices opposite the Old Bailey in London and in central Birmingham. Often in business, senior management drifts above customer-facing roles but at Advocate the Partners are just as hands-on as the Case Managers. Confucius was right when he said ‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life’.

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The Debt Collection Psychology

You don’t need to be a director of a market research institute to know the debt collection industry has a stereotype of crooks getting payment from other crooks. Thankfully that is just a stereotype, but there are exceptions to every rule so it pays to be prudent! Some debtors adopt a defence mechanism as their strategy exhibiting behaviours that question their ethical and moral rationale. However, assuming a debtor is dodgy from the outset serves only to bias opinion and close the gates for payment. It is only useful to have an opinion once the debtor has provided enough evidence to form one. Shaping responses from evidence helps clear the way for collecting payment. No two cases are the same. Everyone has their own reasons for needing or withholding payment. Collecting your debt remains our stalwart priority every time.

The Reality Check

Cheque in the post? Waiting for approval? Someone on holiday? Waiting for a customer to pay first? Those are some of the most common excuses for non-payment. A PhD in logic is not required to know such excuses are not your fault even though they are your problem! More often than not, debtors find their excuses evaporate or miraculously get resolved when first contacted by Advocate. Our proven collections process presents the debtor with the Reality Check of debt collection. It’s not unusual for payment to be received in the first 24 hours.

When to Instruct Advocate to Collect a Debt

You’ve had the order. You’ve delivered the goods/services. You’ve invoiced. You’ve chased. The invoice is overdue. Whether you’re a sole trader trying to pay the mortgage or an executive trying to appease the board, having an invoice exceed payment terms is an occupational hazard. Dunning letters (written communications asking for payment) are a good way of prompting payment but they are not always the solution.

When an invoice is more than 30 days from tax point and overdue, Advocate can commence action. The invoice could be 1 day overdue or 1,000 days overdue. In some industries, it is normal to instruct a third party when the invoice is more than 30 days overdue. Others have shorter or more forgiving time frames. Clients sometimes think instructing a third party earlier will be seen by the debtor as a sign of financial distress. In reality, instructing Advocate on day 1 of being overdue is because the client has either exhausted pre-chasing or there is evidence indicating the debtor is in financial difficulty. Why wait for the accident when you can prevent it?

At Advocate we appreciate referring a debt outside of your organisation is not a decision taken on a whim. You’ve been from the town of Little Frustration to the continent of Great Concern. Welcome to Advocate – The Home of Free Commercial Debt Collection.

Getting Started

The minimum information we need is within the online instruction form. Don’t forget to upload copy invoices/statement before submitting the form. We can spread a wider net if you have multiple debtor addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers. Quite often we are able to find other contact details, not on the instruction form. It’s always useful to have a copy of anything else that may help explain the debt such as email trails, a contract, quotation, or delivery note. If we need more than you have provided we’ll be in touch.

Quick Start Debt Collection

Instructions received before 2 pm should be actioned the same day. Once the case is live you will receive an email with the case number advising what action is being taken and setting expectations. With the debt safely in our hands, we ask you to redirect the debtor to us in the rare event they try and make direct contact. This reinforces the urgency and takes the burden of handling an aggrieved debtor off you. Once instructed we issue a series of structured letters, emails and phone calls. Our communications create urgency and explain the legal consequences of not complying. The process lasts a maximum of 14 days. We have access to real-time credit reference agency data enabling the most effective type of action to be taken. A Notice of Court Proceedings highlights the implications of a County Court Judgment. A Notice of Insolvency Proceedings highlights the impacts of a Winding Up Petition.

11th Hour Dispute

Raising an 11th-hour dispute is usually a delaying tactic. It’s not unheard of for debtors to present Advocate with a dispute that should have been raised months ago. To deter spurious disputes our letters and emails place the onus on the debtor to prove the query has been raised before. When a dispute has substance, we will seek your feedback before issuing a formal response to the debtor.

Getting You Paid

Because statutory late payment charges are added to the amount owed, the debtor is instructed to pay both sums to Advocate. We forward monies received on your behalf by FasterPayment the same day. This means you don’t have to wait weeks or until month end to receive your payment. If the debtor chooses to pay your invoices but not our fees, we will pursue them exclusively for the remaining balance. This means we will not expect you to pay our fees when the debtor doesn’t want to!

When Debtor’s Fail to Pay

8 out of 10 cases get paid within 14 days and many a lot sooner. If we don’t collect payment, the service provided will have been free of charge. Success is expected, not guaranteed so when things don’t go to plan it is prudent to know the next steps. Those steps don’t have to include Advocate and you are under no obligation. The potential costs will be outlined and you have the right to close the file before incurring any fees. You will find further information on issuing legal proceedings and the options available by following the links below.

Don’t Forget

Good intentions and fine promises are no substitute for payment. Instructing Advocate increases your ability to get paid and our clients agree! Check out reviews on our service, contact us for further information or instruct us now!