Debt Collection Agency

FREE Commercial Debt Collector


  • Free debt collectors.
  • The debtor pays our costs under Late Payment Legislation.
  • Creditors receive 100% of the invoice sums they are owed.


  • Many debtors pay immediately.
  • Over 50% of debtors pay within 7 days.
  • Over 80% of debtors pay within 14 days.


  • No account to open or fee to be paid.
  • Just complete our instruction form and upload the invoices.
  • The online form can be completed just in a few minutes.


  • Industry-leading 84% success rate.
  • 2271 accounts successfully collected in 2022.
  • £11,626,455.19 collected and paid to clients in 2022.

The Best Debt Collection Agency in the UK

That’s what our clients tell us, and this is why. We’re debt collectors with a difference, our service is completely FREE of cost to the creditor. It’s easy to instruct us, and we collect payment effectively and quickly!

Advocate is not just a debt collection agency, we are experts at collecting payment of overdue invoices quickly and at no cost to our clients. We specialise in business to business invoices and late payment legislation. Our debt collection agency clients range from large companies with operations throughout the UK to sole traders and every size of business in between. Whether your company is in the FTSE 100 or you are self-employed, you have a statutory entitlement under The Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations to claim the costs involved in instructing a debt collector to recover payment of a commercial debt. And that’s exactly what we do, we collect payment of 100% of the total amount your business is owed, and at the same time, we collect payment of our fees from the debtor on your behalf.

Some of our larger clients use us as an extension of their credit control process and refer overdue accounts to us monthly once their internal process has been exhausted. Most of our clients, large, medium, and small businesses, simply instruct our debt collection agency as and when required if they are struggling with an unpaid account. Whatever the size of their business or the size of the overdue account, all of our clients receive the same no-cost, first-class service and results. There is no cost to instruct us, and there is no charge, commission, or fee to be paid once we collect payment. Our debt collector fees will be paid by the debtor in accordance with late payment legislation.

84% Debt Collector Success Rate

The reputation of our debt collection agency has been built on honesty and transparency, which, combined with our years of experience, a wealth of knowledge and an armoury of proven collection techniques, has resulted in us achieving an industry-leading success rate of 84% and us being considered one of the UK’s leading debt collection agencies. This is backed up by over 500 independently submitted 5-Star reviews by clients of our debt collection agency.

We are professional and measured in our contact with the businesses we collect payment from. While we don’t take no for an answer or accept any excuse for non-payment, we will always treat our clients’ debtors fairly and with respect. Our approach to communicating with debtors is to change the dynamic of the current situation and remove the barriers to payment. In the vast majority of cases, what is required is a series of professionally structured and delivered Notices (letters), emails, and telephone calls demanding payment and explaining the serious financial and practical consequences of possible legal proceedings.

Your Invoices Could be the Next to be Paid

We understand how businesses work, we know that almost all businesses will at some point suffer from cash flow problems and be forced to prioritise who they pay next. Why haven’t they paid your invoices? The answer is almost always cash flow. They may have lost a large contract, they may have had a large debtor enter liquidation or they may have lost a director and income to a rival business. There can be many causes, but the result is always the same, creditors will be ignored or given a series of excuses for non-payment while the debtor juggles their finances paying other creditors they deem more beneficial to their current situation. Desperate or unscrupulous debtors will often fabricate spurious disputes in an attempt to delay or even evade payment.

That all changes once you instruct Advocate, there is nothing more you need to do, just leave it to us. No more frustrating excuses or unanswered emails and telephone calls. No more dealing with disputes that can not be substantiated or do not exist. The last thing that a business with cash flow problems wants to deal with is specialist debt collectors and the possibility of legal proceedings which could affect their credit rating and already fragile ability to obtain goods and services on credit. That’s why your invoices will be prioritised and that’s why your invoices will be the next to be paid.

Find out what our clients say about Advocate’s free debt collection agency and the results we achieve.

Advocate, the Debt Collectors you can Trust

  • 100’s of independent 5-Star client reviews
  • 84% success rate
  • Entirely cost-free
  • Completely risk-free
  • Professional and honest
  • Experienced and knowledgable
  • Proven collection techniques
  • Same day action
  • Instant reporting
  • Same day payment

Instructions we Accept

Unlike most debt collectors, at Advocate we specialise in business to business collections. We accept instructions from businesses of all sizes in all sectors throughout the UK. We have dedicated case managers who specialise in collecting payment from Local Authorities and companies in the Construction, Hospitality, IT, Manufacturing, Media, Recruitment, Transport and Small Business sectors.

The Late Payment Legislation we work under applies to any business that has issued another business with invoices for the supply of goods or services. If the invoices your business has issued total more than £750.00 and the payment terms (normally 30 days) have been exceeded, we can accept your instruction and collect payment of your unpaid invoices on a no-cost basis.

How to Instruct Us

You can complete our instruction form online and upload copies of the unpaid invoices in just a few minutes. The debt collector instruction form captures the basic information we require to commence action. This includes the creditor’s details, the debtor’s details, and a brief description of the current situation and action taken to date. That’s usually all we require to collect payment of your invoices.


If once we contact the debtor, they raise an invoice query or dispute, we may need to request further information.

If you have any questions or require any further information, please call us, we are here to help you:


Bristol              0117 403 1785
London            020 3093 8793
Birmingham     0121 716 6550

What Happens Next

If we receive your instruction before 14.00, you can expect us to commence action the same day. If we receive your instruction later than 14.00, it may be the next morning before we advise you that we have commenced action.

We will carry out initial due diligence and analyse the debtor’s financial profile to establish that the debt is collectable. This information will also guide us on the most appropriate course of action to take against the debtor.

You will receive a confirmation email from your dedicated case manager with a unique case number. Your case manager will advise on the steps we will be taking and what you can expect to happen.

As soon as your debtor receives correspondence from our debt collection agency they will realise that your debt can no longer be ignored. Some debtors will make an immediate direct payment, in an attempt to evade payment of our costs. If you receive direct payment from the debtor, please advise us as soon as possible, and we will continue to pursue the debtor for payment of our costs.

Some debtors will make direct contact. All we ask in this situation is that you do not enter into dialogue with the debtor, or the seriousness and urgency created by our action could be diluted and may be less effective and it may afford them a further opportunity to delay or evade payment. You should advise the debtor that the account has been transferred to Advocate debt collectors and that they must contact us. If they contact you by email, please forward the email to us, and we will respond.

Keeping You Updated

We don’t have a client portal, because we don’t need one. Unlike with some other debt collector agencies, you won’t need to log in to find out that nothing has happened. Our process doesn’t take months, it takes a maximum of 14 days.

As soon as we receive a written response from the debtor or we make telephone contact with them, we will update you by email or telephone (your preference). And we will continue to contact you each time there is an update until payment has been collected.

You will see from our client reviews that most collections are successfully completed within days of our instruction. So don’t be surprised if the first update you receive from our debt collection agency is to advise you that we have collected payment and that the funds have been transferred to your bank account.

Once Your Invoices Have Been Paid

We will immediately transfer the funds to your bank account via a faster payment. You can expect to receive 100% of the total invoice sums on the same day that we collect payment.

We will advise you as soon as the funds have been transferred.

In the Unlikely Event that Your Invoices are Not Paid

In the few cases where we are unable to collect payment, we furnish our client with a recommendation on the most appropriate next course of action. With the information gathered during our 14-day process, we can accurately assess whether or not legal proceedings would result in payment.

If we believe that legal proceedings would lead to payment, we will supply full details on the legal process and the costs involved, and then you decide if you wish to go ahead or not.

If it is clear that legal action would not lead to payment, we will recommend that the debt is written off and tax relief is claimed on the loss.

If you decide not to pursue legal action or we recommend you do not take legal action, the services that have been provided by Advocate debt collection agency are entirely free of charge.