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FREE Debt Collection Agency. Receive 100% of the money you are owed. Your debtor pays our costs under Late Payment Legislation!


Advocate’s debt collection agency service is completely free of charge to the creditor. We enforce late payment legislation and add our costs to the total amount to be paid by the debtor. Creditors receive 100% of the principal debt they are owed.


Many debtors pay as soon as they are contacted by Advocate, over 50% of debtors pay within 7 days of our instruction and over 80% of debtors pay within 14 days. Creditors receive 100% of the principal debt, no matter if the debtor pays on day 1 or day 14 of our action.


Creditors are not required to open an account with Advocate’s debt collection agency. All we require to commence action is a copy of the unpaid invoices and a completed instruction form. The online instruction form can be completed and submitted in minutes.


We combine experience, perseverance and professionalism with expert enforcement of late payment regulations to achieve an industry leading 84% pre-litigation collection rate.

Find out what our clients say about Advocate’s free debt recovery agency and the results we achieve.

No Cost to the Creditor

Advocate is one of the UK’s leading commercial debt collection agencies. We provide a completely free of cost to the creditor debt recovery and debt collection service.

In accordance with current late payment legislation our costs are added to the outstanding balance to be paid by the debtor and the creditor receives 100% of the invoice sums they are owed as soon as we collect payment.

Creditors do not have to pay to instruct us and there is no fee, charge or commission payable once we collect payment of the invoices. We will have already been paid by the debtor.

Advocate’s average Success Rate is 84%

Our success rate is unrivalled within our industry, over 80% of the invoices we act on are paid within 14 days, and many of those are paid as soon as we make contact with the debtor.

We accept instructions from any business that has issued invoices to another business for the supply of goods or services. If the debt your business is owed is over £750.00 and the invoices were issued more than 30 days ago, we can accept your instruction and collect payment of your unpaid invoices.

No Win No Fee – and when we Win it is the Debtor that pays our Fee

In the small number of cases where we are unsuccessful in recovering payment of unpaid invoices, our client decides if legal proceedings are issued against the debtor or if we close our file. If we are instructed to close our file, there is no charge. We only get paid when we are successful and when we are successful it’s the debtor that pays us.

Advocate is the most cost effective debt collection agency for commercial debts, our service is superior to no win no fee, as there is no fee to be paid by the creditor when their invoices are paid. If we are unable to recover payment of your invoices, at least you will have the satisfaction that you pursued the debtor without incurring any costs.

You can Instruct us in just a few minutes

Instructing us is simple and takes just a few minutes using our online instruction form. Once you have submitted the form, email us with copy invoices or a statement of account and we will commence action immediately.

Advocate’s debt recovery agency process

Once we receive your instruction we will carry out checks and searches to establish the financial position of the debtor, before deciding on the most appropriate course of action.

In most cases demanding payment to prevent the issue of County Court proceedings is appropriate and will result in payment. Businesses rely on credit facilities and trade accounts. A County Court Judgment would affect both a business’s existing credit facilities and its ability to obtain new credit facilities. Faced with the prospect of the serious consequences of a Court Judgment, the vast majority of debtors will settle the debt and make payment to prevent the proceedings from being issued.

In some cases the information we have gathered on the debtor will indicate that demanding payment to prevent Court proceedings would not result in payment. It could be that the business is struggling and it is likely that several debt recovery agencies will be threatening the debtor with Court action. In these circumstances it important to get to the front of the queue for payment by taking the most serious action as possible. Demanding payment to prevent the issue of Insolvency proceedings is a powerful and effective course of action. Even businesses with cash flow problems that are struggling to pay their creditors will find the money to pay when faced with the prospect of a Winding up Petition.

Notice of Court Proceedings

The process will take a maximum of 14 days. We will issue a 7 day Notice of Court Proceedings followed by a 7 day Final Demand Notice if necessary. The debtor will incur additional recovery costs if they do not pay within 7 days and it is necessary for us to issue a Final Demand Notice. In total the debtor will have 14 days to pay your invoices and our charges.

Notice of Insolvency Proceedings

The process will take a maximum of 7 days. We will issue a 7 day Notice of Insolvency Proceedings. The debtor will have just 7 days to pay your invoices and our charges or face the possibility of being forced into Compulsory Liquidation.

Notices are issued to both the company’s registered address and its trading address. Copies of the Notice will be sent by email to as many recipients that you can provide email addresses for and any additional email addresses that we can trace. We will commence telephone contact with the debtor on the third day of our instruction.

Some debtors will act immediately and will arrange payment as soon as they receive the Notice from our debt collection agency. Around 20% of cases are settled within 48 hours of us issuing a Notice. In the remaining cases we will continue to contact the debtor on a regular basis to demand payment and describe the serious consequences of failure to make payment. Unfortunately some debtors will not make payment until the expiry date of the Notice, no matter how many times we contact them. On average around 8 out 10 debtors will settle the invoices in full prior to the expiry of the Notice and the issue of legal proceedings.

Statutory Late Payment Charges

In some instances debtors will attempt to evade payment of our charges. When they receive our Notice they will immediately pay the principal invoice sums, but not the additional charges. All we require in these circumstances is that you inform us you have received payment. We will then contact the debtor to explain that our charges have been applied under late payment legislation, that they are legally enforceable and that they must be paid immediately. If the debtor refuses to pay the charges, we will issue legal proceedings to recover payment from the debtor. The debtor will also be forced to pay the costs involved in issuing the proceedings.

Disputed invoices

A debtor raising a dispute in response to our action will be met with a demand for full details of the alleged dispute in writing and for documentary evidence to substantiate their claims. If they are unable to provide the information and documents requested we will continue in our action. When a debtor is able to demonstrate that a genuine dispute may exist, we will supply you with the details provided and request how you would like us to respond.

If no dispute was raised at the time the goods or services were delivered or when they received the invoice or when you chased the debtor for payment, then experience tells us that the dispute is in all probability spurious and merely a tactic to evade or further delay payment. Even if the dispute is spurious, we may require further information from you, for example a signed contract, delivery notes or timesheets to prove that no genuine dispute exists and that the debtor has no reasonable grounds to continue to withhold payment.

Please note that if a dispute has been raised by the debtor at any time prior to our instruction, be it genuine or spurious, it is important that we are aware of the dispute and that you include the details in the instruction form.

Issuing legal proceedings

We will only ever recommend issuing legal proceedings if we consider that the action would result in payment. If our investigations show that the business could fail prior to a Judgment being enforced or if it has no assets that could be seized to satisfy a Judgment or if there are already unsatisfied Judgments registered against it, the costs incurred in issuing the proceedings and the risk involved would be financially unviable. Sadly, in some circumstances the most commercial decision would be to write off the debt in order to claim tax relief on the unrecoverable debt.

If we do recommend issuing legal proceedings there will be a realistic likelihood that the action would result in payment of the debt and the costs incurred in taking the action. If the business has a poor credit rating or cash flow issues, it is likely that creditors will have in the past issued legal proceedings against the debtor.  And if there is no history of Court Judgments being registered against the business, it suggests they make settlement once proceedings have been issued. Similarly a history of satisfied County Court Judgments or of satisfied Insolvency proceedings, suggests they have the ability to settle proceedings and make payment when forced to do so.

Closing our file

In cases where we have been unable to recover payment of a debt during the pre-litigation process, we will supply our client with a recommendation on the chances of recovering payment of the debt through legal recourse, along with concise details on the costs involved in issuing the proceedings and if those costs would be recoverable should our client be successful in Court. If as in some cases the chances of recovering payment are prohibitive or if the client decides to take no further action, we will close our file in the matter.

Advocate Commercial Debt Recovery

Please note, Advocate Commercial Debt Recovery is a Debt Recovery Agency, we are not solicitors. If you decide to issue legal proceedings, our file in the matter will be transferred to Advocate’s solicitors with an instruction to issue the proceedings in your name and on your behalf. You will remain our client and we will update you regularly as the proceedings progress through to the conclusion of the case, including enforcement if necessary.