Debt Collection from Wedding Venue

The balance of a website debt has been recovered on behalf of a digital marketing agency. The debtor was one of the first customers our client engaged with just days after being incorporated. The agency is a flagship addition to our client’s burgeoning empire.


In the space of a few years, our client established a group of companies in the housing sector. Their range of interests includes estate agency services, construction, land acquisition and renting out their property portfolio. Being able to successfully grow and promote multiple businesses in very competitive markets has called upon a true entrepreneurial spirit. Utilising the life experience of the older director and the contemporary talents of the younger director has proven to be a winning combination. The directors were already skilled in digital marketing before starting the group. A measured approach saw those skills used in house first before setting up a marketing agency 1 year ago. Showcasing their own successful group marketing campaigns is a powerful promotional tool for enticing new customers.

In contrast, the debtor is a well-established but underappreciated Gloucestershire wedding venue. Outside of wedding season, they cater for business events and tourism. Anticipating pent up demand for COVID compliant weddings and staycations, the outdated website was never going to compete with the slick and enticing pages of rival venues. Our client was engaged to reinvent the venue’s presence online, and that is exactly what they did. The Website Specification and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were agreed and signed off.

Time & Money

Undertaking hours of planning, content creation and coding requires a commitment from both sides. Our client invoiced 50% upfront with the balance due on completion. Once the £1.3K was received, work commenced with feedback being sought at milestones in development. The finished website emphasised the venue’s facilities and heritage whilst embracing the rural and luxurious surroundings. Website analytics showed it met or exceeded each KPI. In between being commissioned to reinvent the website and producing the final product, the debtor appointed a different lead contact to sign off the project. Unfortunately, the new contact had a different vision from that agreed by their predecessor. As a credit to our client’s character, they proposed a reasonable settlement offer. This was declined and no common ground was found.

No Contest

Armed with email trails and specifications, the client got in touch with Advocate when the remaining 50% (£1.3K) became 12 days overdue. They anticipated a protracted dispute that would ultimately end up in court adopting a playground squabble mentality. Having reviewed the information presented, our client’s legal position was solid. They had produced what had been agreed. Whether the current incumbent agreed with their predecessor or not was irrelevant. A Notice of Court Proceedings was issued emphasising our client’s right to payment. On day 2 of our instruction, a BACS remittance advice was received for the full £1.3K plus statutory charges. The debtor did not reignite their previous settlement offer, nor did they contest any of the work done. Another successful recovery by Advocate, much to the client’s delight at cutting short what they feared would be a lengthy case.