Quick Debt Recoveries

At Advocate, we pride ourselves on being able to commence action quicker than most firms and recover payment faster than clients expect. Recently we had a series of 6 cases, all actioned within a few hours, and payment was recovered less than 48 hours later. Let’s take a closer look at the details.

Rising Damp

When a Cheshire-based damp control company instructed Advocate to recover payment of a £3.4K debt more than 2 months overdue, they emphasised it was vital to meeting payroll. Historically this client avoids doing third-party work for consultancy firms but made an exception thinking this time would be different. Having produced reports highlighting the health and safety issues arising from landlord neglect of residential dwellings, the debtor kept pushing back payment and offering apologies. Less than 48 hours after Advocate’s instruction, the debtor stopped apologising and made the full payment just in time for payroll.

Cashiering In

Some 150 days after invoicing an EPOS provider (digital tills) £2.6K for a cyber security audit, the debt remained unpaid. Our client had sent reminders by post and email and noted most calls went straight to voicemail. The debtor was seemingly unavailable to discuss payment until Advocate made contact. Faced with nowhere else left to hide, full payment was received in under 24 hours of instruction.

Short Sighted

As a manufacturer of bespoke spectacle and contact lenses, our client’s fledgling business has quickly built up a customer base of independent and freelance opticians. When a debt of £780 threatened to derail the supplier payment run, Advocate quickly commenced action, with payment being received less than 48 hours later. The optician also pledged to pay quicker next time to avoid Advocate’s intervention!

Cash for Crash

Our next client had brought home a crash repair job on budget and invoiced the claims management company for £2K. That was over a year ago. Payment delays had been blamed on everything from computers to Covid, which for a firm that well-resourced is no excuse. The client approached Advocate in one last attempt to save writing off the £2K deemed unrecoverable by another debt recovery firm a few months prior. Within 24 hours of instruction, the debtor stopped offering up excuses and paid in full.

Sharing is Caring

Our next client provided staff to a Leicester care home and received part payments on all invoices. 180 days later, the debtor had ceased responding, and our client was still none the wiser as to why the balance of £15K spanning 25 invoices remained unpaid. Notes on last year’s successful recovery against the same debtor indicated that sharing all signed time sheets was a non-negotiable for payment. With that additional information submitted by Advocate, full payment was received in just 24 hours and no murmur of a dispute. Lightning struck twice in the same week with a £1.2K debt recovery against a sister site of the same care home.

Such is the impact of being contacted by Advocate; all these cases saw payment within 48 hours of instruction and included the statutory late payment charges, which make up our fee.