Scottish Success as Standard

The scope of Advocate’s action and the legislation we apply extends to all businesses in the UK. Most cases against Scottish firms get paid without any fanfare. Here we look at two recent recoveries worthy of note.

Framing Payment

A debt of £2.4K was recovered from a Glasgow based double glazing firm. For the last thirteen months, they avoided paying a key supplier. That supplier (and our client) is part of a group of companies that make PVC window frames and guttering for the trade. Both client and debtor had benefited from their decade long trading relationship. Our client’s bespoke double glazing frames were the debtor’s flagship offering. During the second national lockdown, the debtor placed an order for £2.4K which was delivered and invoiced just as the road map out of lockdown was laid out. Social media pictures confirmed the frames had been installed to the householder’s sheer delight, but payment was not forthcoming. Having offered up several payment plans which were immediately defaulted on, our client ran out of patience. Upon receiving correspondence from Advocate, the debtor made an immediate token payment with the balance (including our fees) arriving six days later. Financial records indicate the debtor is in a worse position now than thirteen months ago and had taken advantage of the grace afforded by our client.

Snagging Payment

A debt of £2.9K was recovered from one of Scotland’s most patriotic construction firms. At the time of instruction, the debt was less than thirty days overdue. As a franchisee, our client specialises in repairing surfaces damaged during construction. Classed as a micro-entity, carrying £2.9K was an increasingly heavy burden. Our client was relying on other customers paying early to cover the shortfall. Despite being in high demand, our client still makes a point of invoicing on time, sending regular statements, and even burning the midnight oil when writing chaser emails. Despite their timely efforts, our client seldom got a response. There was no doubt over the debtor’s ability to pay or their liability. This was a case of a creditor struggling to get their invoices prioritised over the voices of larger suppliers making waves on a bustling Accounts Payable floor. Once Advocate had made contact and set a deadline for payment, the £2.9K (and our fees) was promptly scheduled and received. Our client has now been informed to avoid future delays, their invoices will be treated as due in seven days.

No matter where your debtor is within the UK, get in touch with Advocate to see how we can recover payment of your unpaid invoices on a no cost to your business basis in accordance with current late payment legislation.